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Amelia Earhart Elementary Middle School

Amelia Earhart Elementary-Middle is a multi-cultural Neighborhood-Centered, Quality School, that engages every child and ensures each student reaches his or her highest learning potential. The motto of Earhart, named after the famed, record-breaking pilot Amelia Earhart, is a school “Where the Sky is No Limit!”


That’s because Earhart offers full academic and enrichment programs in a caring environment designed to meet the needs of the whole child, with the goal that the exemplary education received at the school will prepare each child for success in High School and beyond.

Highly qualified teachers were specifically selected to enhance the culture of the school and the neighboring community, along with University, Business, Community, and Faith-Based partnerships to round out students’ experiences.   Many staff members and teachers are bilingual, including the principal.

Earhart has a fully functioning library run by volunteer retired teachers, and features The Acosta Center-which offers ESL classes for parents and the community. Embracing the rich heritage and diversity of Southwest Detroit, full ESL services are offered.

The school offers a full complement of student activities, such as Art, Vocal and Instrumental Music, Choir, Band, Senate Club, Science Club, Accelerated Math and Reading, sports and much more!

Housed in a new $22.2 million LEED Silver Certified building, Earhart is located on Clark Park in the vibrant Mexicantown area of Detroit.  The school has separate elementary and middle school wings, and features classrooms designed for art, science, music, and physical education on the first floor, along with a brightly lit library.  The second story contains classrooms and academic commons for Project-based education.  Large windows for natural light complement state-of-the-art technology in each room.

Technology is infused throughout the curriculum including through the use of computers, Interactive White boards, and Smart boards.


Extra-Curricular Activities to Build the Whole Child

Earhart believes in providing a wealth of activities to ensure students have a well-rounded school experience that goes beyond academics!

Some of Earhart’s offerings:

  • Instrumental Music
  • Vocal Music
  • Award-winning Art activities, including Art Club and Guest Artists
  • Computers
  • French
  • Physical Education
  • Counseling and Social Work Services
  • ELA, Math and Data Coaches and  ESL Services
  • Attendance Counselor, 
  • Accelerated Reading and Accelerated Math
  • Sports: Boys and Girls Soccer, Boys and Girls Basketball, Football, Baseball, and Cheerleading
  • Science activities: A World in Motion Primary, DAPCEP, U of M Future Scientists, Special Olympics, Science Fairs
  •  Award-winning Chorale
  • Board Game Club
  • Student Senate
  • Field Trips
  • School Garden
  • Spelling Bee
  • FREE tutoring
  • Junior Honor Society
  • Elementary and Middle School Career Days


Experienced, Dedicated, Caring Staff

Earhart’s teaching staff, who were individually selected and hired to work at the school, are highly-qualified and dedicated to ensuring each child reaches his or her potential. Many are bilingual.

Individualized learning for every child


Earhart Elementary-Middle School uses a data-driven approach to ensure each child succeeds.

Every child has an Individualized Learning Plan tailored to his or her academic needs and teachers use a variety of assessments and measures to regularly assess students’ progress.

Those include DIBELS, TRC, Teacher grades, attendance, and behavior, NEAP, MEAP, NWEA-MAP and informal and formal teacher designed assessments.

High-Quality Pre-Kindergarten

Earhart also offers a state-approved Pre-Kindergarten program to fully prepare students for kindergarten. The program incorporates child-directed learning to foster a love of learning but also uses structured lessons that include pre-writing and foundations in math, science and social studies.

Partnerships that Matter with Businesses and Universities


Earhart encourages business partnerships and creates many academic opportunities to help students constantly envision their academic path straight through to college and a career.

Partnerships include WCCCD Extension Classes, Wayne State University Science Partnership, Wayne Mediation, MGM Grand Partnership, GEAR Up, Cranbrook Horizons Upward Bound, El Arte,  Neighborhood Legal Services, Friends of the Rouge, National Kidney Foundation, Volunteer Reading Corps, Volunteer Business Corps, Think Detroit PAL, Greening of Detroit, Summer in the City, Healthy Kidz, and much more.

Exposure to careers are a must at Earhart, including the Yes!Expo and Automotive Education Day for engineering, maritime field trips, experiences and various manufacturing areas, visits from musicians, businesspersons, military and government and more.  Career Day brings speakers from the Medical/Dental field, aviation, business and other future jobs.

Technology of the 21st Century

Earhart offers students access to the latest technology in a new $22 million building that is fully wireless. Some of the technology used by teachers and students include Computers, Interactive Whiteboards, and Smartboards. 

Outstanding Graduation Pathways

Earhart’s staff believes that every child should be able to envision their path to high school, college and careers, with direct links to graduation through field trips and family nights at Western International High School, allowing them to experience the outstanding opportunities that await them in high school and solidify the vision of their path to graduation. Western High has received a $28.3 million renovation and includes upgrades to classrooms, a new swimming pool, black box theater and more!

Free breakfast and lunch for every child

Earhart serves a healthy, FREE breakfast and lunch to every child.

Parent Engagement

At Earhart, parents are valued and encouraged to stay highly engaged in their child’s learning. The school creates a welcoming atmosphere, including family events such as a Family Nights per content area and more, and has a vibrant, involved parent organization.

Regular communication to help parents stay involved in their child’s learning include Parent/Teacher Conferences, progress reports, phone calls, newsletters, parent meetings, Parent Workshops, Parent classes, and a Parent/Teacher/School compact.

The school has a welcoming Parent Lounge that offers Adult Bilingual Education classes, called The Acosta Center.

About the Principal


Gerlma A. S. Johnson comes with a wide range of expertise, making her a school turnaround specialist. She was selected as part of the DPS Principal Leadership Cadre.  Having demonstrated the ability to move schools forward academically, she was chosen for such tasks as reconstituting and dechartering schools, the first of each in Michigan.

Also, Ms. Johnson is well known for her caring about the whole child, and operating a Professional Learning Community.  Ms. Gerlma Johnson has been recognized with awards for outstanding education,  volunteerism and service including the Booker T. Washington Outstanding Educator Award, the Distinguished Service to Science Award, The Detroit City Council Award of Recognition, the Spirit of Detroit Award, and the AAA School House Award.  A published author, Ms. Johnson is committed to the exemplary education of all she serves.

High Quality Pre-Kindergarten

We offer a high quality early learning experience for special needs and general education students 4 years of age by November 1. Detroit Public Schools’ Pre-K classroom curriculum is aligned with the National Early Childhood Standards and Michigan State Board of Education’s Early Childhood Standards of Quality. For more info, go to detroitk12.org/preK

Our Vision

The vision of Amelia Earhart Elementary/Middle School is to foster a collaborative environment of highly skilled and effective teachers who provide opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate academic, technological, artistic, athletic, and societal competencies.

Our Mission

The mission of Amelia Earhart Elementary/Middle School, a multicultural and technologically-advanced learning center, is to ensure that all students are afforded the opportunity to be educated in a safe and healthy environment that promotes their individual value and maximizes their potential. We shall produce socially responsible citizens who successfully fulfill curriculum requisites and who demonstrate a preparedness to excel in future educational, societal, and career challenges.

The Name We Honor

Amelia Earhart Elementary/Middle School is named in honor of the noted American aviatrix and author.  Born on July 24, 1897, Ms. Earhart was the first woman to receive the Distinguished Flying Cross for becoming the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.  She joined the faculty of Purdue University as a visiting faculty member, counseling women on careers.  Ms. Earhart disappeared in 1937 during an attempt to fly around the world.  The propeller in front of Earhart Elementary/Middle School is one that actually came from one of Ms. Earhart’s original planes, and was purchased from the Earhart family by fundraising of spaghetti dinners.

To learn more about Amelia Earhart, visit her official website.

Uniform Requirements

Grades PK-5:  white collared shirts, navy bottoms, solid shoes (white, black, brown preferred).

For the 2012/13 school year: Grade 6: pale blue-collared tops, khaki bottoms, solid shoes.  Note: Uniform colors for Grade 7 in 2013, Grade 8 in 2014

Grade 7: Burgundy collared tops/Black bottoms, solid shoes. Note: Uniform colors for Grade 8 in 2013,

Grade 8: Pale yellow tops/Navy bottoms, solid shoes.  Note: uniform for Grade 6 in 2013, Grade 7 in 2014.

In Middle School, the color follows the student as they rise, and they will stay in the same color for three years).


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